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The podcast about Thelema and Aleister Crowley

Lectures, readings, music, and more. Merch available here.

Co-produced by Enatheleme and IAO131.

All Thelema, all the time


Sex Magick: Polarity beyond Gender

Jan 5, 2019

New content: Miriam BatAsherah Green delivered this talk entitled "Sex Magick: Polarity beyond Gender" at NOTOCON X in Austin, Texas.

Two interviews from the archives

Jan 4, 2019

These two interviews from 2009-2010 have not been available online for some time. We've pulled them up from the archives to make them available here. In both interviews, Speech in the Silence co-producer Fr. Enatheleme discusses Thelema, Aleister Crowley, politics, and the satirical AC2012 campaign to elect...

Lon DuQuette: 40 Years in the O.T.O.

Aug 5, 2016

Speech in the Silence continues to publish in a new form on YouTube.

This previously unreleased material features Lon DuQuette reciting his material from his NOTOCON X lecture entitled "40 Years in the O.T.O.: Observations and commentaries on the growth and evolution of the O.T.O. since my Minerval initiation in 1975 EV...

Silence in Speech

Oct 25, 2014

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Due to school, family, and other obligations, the production crew at Speech in the Silence bid you a fond à diable for the next six months! We will return when our Father the Sun enters the Tropical sign of Aries at the dawn of the Thelemic year V:i.

Love is the law,...

Oct 25, 2013

NOTOCON IX Opening & Address | 4 Weapons 4 | 28th Aethyr | Integrated Magical Life 5 | 2nd Aethyr, Song of the Sphinx

In this program:

  • Intro music: Song of Adoration by Frater Oz
  • NOTOCON IX Opening Remarks by Lon DuQuette
  • Musical Interlude: "28th Aethyr" by Through the Second
  • "The Four Weapons of the True Magician pt....