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Jan 21, 2012

CL: Life | Freedom | The Magical Record | Liber B

In this episode:

  • Intro music: Song of Adoration by Frater Oz
  • Liber CL: Liberty reading from the film inspired by the text, produced by Aum. Ha. Lodge.
  • Musical Interlude: Freedom by Frater Oz
  • "The Magical Record: On The Psychology, History, & Manner of Scribbling toward the Self" by Robie Schriber
  • Liber B vel Magi reading by Dr. David Shoemaker
  • Outro music: Song of Adoration by Frater Oz

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More Info

Information is categorized under the segments in the podcasts which mention the texts or websites.

Liber CL produced by the members of Aum. Ha. Lodge

  • Read the document here: De Lege Libellum
  • See the teaser trailer for the film inspired by this text at: Liber CL: Meditations in Light, Life, Love; Liberty
  • Liber CL: Meditations in Light, Life, Love & Liberty is available on DVD! If you would like a copy of the movie all you have to do is mail your physical mailing address to This movie is free and you don't even need to pay postage! Liber CL was filmed with promulgation in mind and is an excellent tool in spreading the Good News that is Thelema to the general public.

Freedom by Frater Oz

"The Magical Record: On The Psychology, History, & Manner of Scribbling toward the Self", by Robie Schriber

Liber B vel Magi reading


  • The Bay Area Thelemic Temple is a brand new temple space in Oakland, California in which to gather, teach and celebrate Universal Brotherhood. It is the new home of Blazing Star Oasis, a duly-chartered local body of O.T.O., and the Grady Louis McMurtry Memorial Library. We envision regular celebrations of the Gnostic Mass, classes offered by practitioners of their favored disciplines, and social gatherings designed for the sharing of spiritual experience—the possibilities are limitless. At the heart of this miracle is Blazing Star Oasis, a dedicated group of Thelemites uniting our larger community in the pursuit of “True Will,” the one perfect and unique path for each individual. What will it take to make this a success? You. If you donate to help fund the creation of this new center of Life, Light, Love, and Liberty, the Bay Area Thelemic Temple and Blazing Star Oasis are offering certain gifts in return. Even a dollar helps! Find out how you can contribute, and learn about the gifts that contributors will receive.
  • A new book by James Wasserman is due to be published in Fall, entitled In the Center of the Fire: A Memoir of the Occult.
  • Unity Uttermost Showed, the proceedings from the seventh biennial National O.T.O. Conference, has now been published by U.S. Grand Lodge and is available for purchase online.
  • The summer issue of Agapé, previously shipped to U.S. Grand Lodge members, is now available for download.
  • February 24 through 26, Joseph Thiebes will be at Horus Oasis in Salt Lake City, Utah, offering several classes about Thelema and O.T.O.
  • March 2 through 4, Star Sapphire Lodge in La Crescenta, California presents Massathon, with 11 celebrations of the Gnostic Mass performed throughout the weekend, including a performance of the Mass in Spanish. A silent auction will also be conducted.
  • June 22 through 24, William Blake Lodge in Baltimore, Maryland presents an O.T.O. Centennial and William Blake Lodge 20-Year Anniversary Celebration, featuring guest speaker Hymenaeus Beta and remarks by U.S. Grand Master Sabazius. This event is open to active O.T.O. members of the first degree and above. More details to be announced.

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[ Click here to download Episode 26: Sol in Aquarius, Year 107 ]

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