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Response to Listener Feedback

Jan 29, 2010

Many thanks to Jasin Lee, who sent a detailed message with lots of great feedback for the show. We felt that a couple of the questions he asked might be of interest to our listeners, so we have provided a couple of excerpts from Jasin's note below, along with our response:

Thank you! One of the many wonderful things I have already gotten from your work is this incredible feeling that there really IS a whole wide Thelemic world out there! As I was "growing up" in the [Man of Earth Triad] it usually felt like there was just us few initiates that were active with this one little local body. We fought tooth and nail to combat this feeling with frequent road trips of hundreds of miles to get together with other Thelemites and initiates both for the Great work and repose. Well, I am still in a similar region and it still feels like a Thelemic wasteland of much desert between any gathering initiates. But I got that wonderful Thelemic-world feeling right in my own home from your last podcast.

Speech in the Silence: Thank you! It's heartwarming to know that Speech in the Silence has helped you to feel more connected to the Thelemic universe.

I would like to express how impressed I was by David Shoemaker's new "Living Thelema" series ... that segment is just exactly the type of thing I am so looking for! [However,] there did seem to be some conspicuous absences in the list of future segments [of "Living Thelema"].

SS: The list of future segments was not exhaustive and we have passed along your ideas to Dr. Shoemaker. He aims to address the questions and areas of interest of listeners, so thanks much for your feedback!

Next, I want to praise Tau Polyphilus' segment. ... I am always deeply moved and impressed when he speaks or writes... But I hope you have him on your show often! I want to feel about the whole EGC Creed how I now feel about it's third article thanks to Tau Polyphilus!"

SS: We share your hope and are optimistic that T Polyphilus will be back in future segments.

[T Omphalos], who is coming to our kingdom and speaking soon ... what I would love to know is what is in his public speaking dates, let alone his degree tyled presentations.

SS: Complete information about the T Omphalos at the event web page. Thanks Jasin for the email! Speech in the Silence can be contacted at: or call and leave voicemail at 646-402-5688 x 46368. Thanks for listening.